Welcome to the Melisi Lab website in the Section of Medical Oncology of the Department of Medicine at the University of Verona.

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Digestive Molecular Clinical Oncology Research Unit

Laboratory of Oncology and Molecular Therapy

Davide Melisi
Davide Melisi, MD, PhD
Laboratory Head
Giampaolo Tortora
Giampaolo Tortora, MD,PhD
Section of Medical Oncology, Director
Carmine Carbone

Carmine Carbone, PhD 
Postdoctoral fellow
Maria Mihaela Mina

Maria Mihaela Mina, MS 
Senior Research assistant

Raffaela Santoro, PhD 
Postdoctoral fellow
Geny Piro

Geny Piro, PhD 
Postdoctoral fellow

 Former Members

 Silvia Zanini
Silvia Zanini 
Research Nurse
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Anna Tamburrino, PhD 
Postdoctoral fellow